Thanks to my father , as far as I can recall, I have lived all my life among models and miniatures. Naturally, that doesn't mean I would have done any kind of creative work as a little child. At that time "scale modeling" used to have a different meaning tome: great battles with low quality soldier figures that my father would not feel sorry for. Piles of books served as shelters and entrenchments, crumpled T-shirts as elevations and vegetation was made of plants and weed picked from the garden. Absolutely unaware - these were the very first dioramas of my life.

Later on battling turned into painting the figures, books were replaced by cardboard foxholes and the T-shirt surfaces gave place to primtive buildings carved, cut and glued of EPS polystyrene foam. For that time being, only one scale modeling magazine existed in our country, unfortunately almost completely ignoring the subject of building dioramas. Without written hints and lacking the help of friendly people with the same interest I had to learn different methods and techniques all by myself in complete confinement.
Like in the life of almost all modelers, becoming a teen-ager brought a very long pause. It wasn't until the age of 26 that I took a model in my hands again, after a break of 16 years as an adult. As it was an extremely difficult period of my life, I couldn't afford dealing with expensive vehicles and figures. Instead, equipped only with a penknife, I started to carve and sculpt my first scale buildings out of scrap pieces of EPS foam found at work. Unlike most scale modelers, I threw myself into the mysteries of building dioramas long before than trying to make the figures and vehicles that would inhabit them.

For the time being I practise both activities, and in contrast of my recent books, in the near future I would prefer publishing issues about building complete dioramas.
I firmly believe, that building dioramas is not a question of dexterity, it needs much more of patience, imagination but first of all: knowledge of different materials. I hope my books provided at least a little help regarding the latter, and gave incitement to all who have not yet had the courage to start this wonderful pastime alone by themselves.