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Laszlo Adoba : Building Dioramas 1 - Stone Objects

Paperback: 64 pages
Language: English

The first volume of the recently published scale modeling issue called "Building dioramas" introduces the way of creating stone objects. 
The steps of each build are described in details, and are accompanied by 290 colour photos. Following the instructions in the book, one can easily create flower holders, tombstones, fountains and waterworks. Even larger projects, such as building a complete horse monument and a mausoleum is also a part of this book. Keep in mind though: all the specific builds are just visual aids as each procedure and material presented in the book may be adapted to many other fields of scale modeling.

Readery may get many hints on creating different structures, painting surfaces. Some not too well-known scale modeling materials are going to be introduced in the book, too, and at the same time it shows a number of surprisingly new ways of utilizing common materials.

The primary aim of this brand new series - just like the issues of „Let's Build Dioramas!" - is to present the easiest and cheapest procedures that do not require expensive tools or other hardware.

The first two chapters of the 64 pages long, full colour book introduces the basic methods of creating different three dimensional shapes and bodies with ease. Using the fundamental principles, larger and more complex objects are going to be built in the third chapter, furthermore, using water-effects is dealt with to some extent. Readers may follow the creation of a quite large build-up in the fourth chapter, whereas the fifth and last one roams to the field of constructing a whole building.

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