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Laszlo Adoba : Building Dioramas 2 - Accessories


Paperback: 78 pages
Language: English


In the second volume of Building Dioramas, I’m going to present the process of creating everyday objects, some of them being absolutely common, others being less conventional. Recognizing tiny manifestations of things met regularly in real life makes much deeper impression in the viewer than objects seen rarely or never at all during our lives. Dioramas built using familiar accessories will seem much more life-like as the viewer gets involved easily at the very first sight.

The book presents the detailed description of making more than 50 diorama accessories. Pieces of furniture, bathroom equipment, kinds of food and some metal objects take shape in front of the reader in 5 chapters on 78 pages. There are several simple pieces made of common materials, as well as more complex ones that need some special equipment and ingredients. This way beginners may find the book just as helpful as advanced modellers. The text is illustrated with more than 400 colour photos to make building much easier.


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